June 16, 2009

Food For Thought...

I just finished listening to The China Study on audiobook for the second time. This book is all about protein and more importantly (for us vegetarians) the harmful effects of animal protein on the human body. The irony here is that the United States and many other parts of the world consume an incredible amount of animal protein every single day and yet our carnivore companions consume tons of nasty grains in their kibble. This is how I see it...corporate America came up with the perfect no-waste plan. Raise animals to feed people, raise grains to feed the livestock that people eat and the left over nasty grains like moldy corn & wheat gluten that are not regulated by the FDA along with parts of the livestock that people wouldn't dare consume go into commercial pet food among other things that if you knew about you would never buy another bag of dog food off your super market shelf. Before you fill another bowl of food with kibble read What's Really in Pet Food. Consider researching raw diets and/or commercial dog foods without grains such as Evo, Wellness, Solid Gold, Before Grains, etc. which all offer varieties free of grains. And for all you meat eating humans out there consider a day without meat...just one a week. It really does make a difference. I highly recommend In Defense of Food, The China Study and Quantum Wellness for those of you looking to improve your own diet.

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