July 14, 2009

Largest Dog Fighting Bust in U.S. History

On July 8th authorities uncovered what is being called the largest dog fighting ring bust in U.S. history. CBS News indicates that over 350 dogs were rescued and approximately 30 people were arrested. The saddest part...most of these dogs will be euthanized and never know what is means to be a beloved companion but to me that is better than their former life of pain and suffering.

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I train dogs using positive reinforcement training to modify unwanted behaviors.  I step outside the traditional training box and use therapeutic-grade essential oils to assist in my behavior modification regime when it comes to dogs plagued with fear and anxiety as well as aggression.  My philosophy is to heal the dog's mind, body and spirit, not just to rid the dog of unacceptable behaviors.  I specialize in shelter dog rehab, reactive rover, and fearful fidos.