August 30, 2009

Language Barrier

It never ceases to amaze me how people really believe their dogs understand English. I've heard people say "sit" 5 to 10 times before the dog actually sits down? It is like me saying "asseoir". If you don't speak won't know what I'm telling you to do. How many times would it take me to say the word before you figured it out? I could add some hand gestures or facial expressions which might help or maybe not. What if I decided you were being disobedient, stubborn or downright disrespectful and I slapped you upside the head or yanked at your arm until you were in a sitting position? Would that be considered justified? I think it would be considered assault! Then why do so many dog owners and dog trainers consider this a means of training the dog? Why is the dog considered stubborn because it doesn't speak / understand the same language?
Take a moment and look at the communication skills you use with your dog. Don't be so harsh when the dog doesn't perform the task you've asked of him. "Listen" to what your dog is telling you via body language, facial expressions and look deep into his eyes to find his soul. You will develop a whole new way of communicating with your dog and your relationship will greatly deepen.

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