August 7, 2009

The Rabies Challenge Fund

Many of you may be limiting your annual vaccines for distemper/parvo/Lyme/bordetella/etc. but what about Rabies? How do you get around vaccinating your dog every one to three years for a vaccine that is required by law? Many people try and many fail and ultimately have to give in and get their dog vaccinated...but at what risk. Please visit Rabies Challenge Fund, explore the website, read the info and listen to the Dog Talk Radio Show #122 at the top of the home page. You may be very surprised by what you learn. Dr. Jean Dodd of Hemopet and Dr. Ronald Schultz, Chairman of Pathobiology at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine have begun a grass-roots organization in an attempt to extend the length of time between vaccinations.

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I train dogs using positive reinforcement training to modify unwanted behaviors.  I step outside the traditional training box and use therapeutic-grade essential oils to assist in my behavior modification regime when it comes to dogs plagued with fear and anxiety as well as aggression.  My philosophy is to heal the dog's mind, body and spirit, not just to rid the dog of unacceptable behaviors.  I specialize in shelter dog rehab, reactive rover, and fearful fidos.