January 24, 2010

Introducing Tucker!

I've been keeping Tucker a bit of a secret from the blogging community. About 2 months ago I received a call from a woman who said her son needed to re-home his Rottweiler puppy. Given our full house...I was going to refer her to a Rottweiler rescue until she said his name was Guinness. When I said the name out loud my wonderful dog-loving husband said "where is he...let's go pick him up" and so we did. No thought, no planning, we just drove to the apartment and met this little pup who was 4 1/2 months at the time. Like many people who don't always put a tremendous amount of thought into buying a puppy for the first time, this young couple with two small children were overwhelmed with the responsibility of raising a strong-minded puppy. I don't blame them...they didn't know any better...but I do blame the many puppy mills out there that have no concern for the temperament of the dogs they are breeding and no worries about where they end up. Tucker is a product of a puppy mill and to no fault of his own has some serious behavior issues. Unfortunately, the couple who purchased him did not have any experience with dogs, especially not that of an assertive, must-have-it-his-way puppy. So once again I find myself down a path of behavior modification with yet another Rottweiler named Guinness. Out of respect and memory for our beloved Guinness (who has been gone for 2 years now), we have renamed the puppy Tucker. Let the fun begin!

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