February 6, 2010

Ozone Therapy

I just set up my new ozone machine! For those of you not familiar, ozone is a magical element.

Ozone therapy has been practiced in Europe for over 50 years with over 10,000 practicing physicians. In the U.S. Ozone therapy is only taught in naturopathic schools. Ozone will kill just about anything bad including bacteria, parasites and maybe even cancer because cancer can not live in where there is high concentrations of oxygen.

This morning I did a test with each of the dogs...I offered them water in their usual water bowl in the usual location and then I offered them a bowl with the ozone water. 4 out of 4 chose the ozone water. Boss wasn't interested in drinking either. Then I switched the locations and Tucker began to drink from the bowl with the tap water in the location where the ozone water had previously been. He stopped immediately and began to walk away so I showed him the other bowl with the ozone water in the new location and he drank the entire bowl.

I have had an ozone air purifier for years to kill bacteria in the air and now I'm using it to purify my water for drinking (for the dogs & family) and to cleanse my fruit and veggies when I can't find organic to rid them of those nasty pesticides on the skins as well as cleaning the raw meat that I feed the dogs. I'll post again with more uses...

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