August 12, 2010

Dog Food Dilemma

As a vegetarian & health-conscious consumer, I have choosen to remove meat from my diet. I carefully select the meat & poultry that my family eats, even though it is not very frequent. With 5 large & extra large dogs who eat meat everyday, twice a day it is not as easy from an economic standpoint to buy only the best organic or free-range beef & chicken. So today as I was doing my food shopping I resorted to buy the no name chicken breasts that were on sale. The breasts were huge!!! What does this mean...well I'm getting more for my money, but on the other hand this means the poor chickens were fed grain to increase their weight at a ridculous rate making it difficult if not impossible for their little legs to hold them up. They are also likely to have come from a farm where they are kept in battery cages & have their toes & beaks clipped to reduce the possiblity of them injurying other birds due to there close & stressful living quarters.

I know I must feed my dogs a species-appropriate diet and that even non-organic chicken is better for them than processed kibble, I morally feel as if I have done something horribly wrong. I have supported the cruelty that large farms guarantee. This is the dilemma I face everytime I go to the food store. For more info into what factory farms are really like I recommend watching Food Inc., a food documentary not only about farms that raise animals, but vegetables, fruit, and grain as well.

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