October 5, 2010

Pretty Girl is Looking for Her Forever Home...

It has been almost two years since Pretty Girl was surrendered to Father John's Animal House. Her previous family was unable to care for her due to an accident.

Pretty Girl's devotion and attachment to her former family was evident as she rapidly lost weight and became very depressed. Since then she has come a long way...but her journey is not yet over. She has yet to find her forever home.

Unfortunately, Pretty Girl is a perfect example of a dog who doesn't "kennel well". Potential adopters are turned off by her exuberant nature when they first meet her, which is a result of the stressful environment she is in.

Even though she is walked almost daily, it is clearly no substitute for a loving, nurturing home, which she desperately needs and deserves.

Pretty Girl is very intelligent and affectionate. She loves a challenge and only wants to please. She is quite athletic, and loves long walks, swimming and romps in the snow.

She would be best suited to a home where she is the only pet. Even though she adores children, it is recommended that she go to a home with older children, only as a result of her activity level.

If you would like more information, please contact Joanne at finnuola57@yahoo.com.

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