July 5, 2012


KANE - A0886162 MALE, BL BRINDLE, NEAPOLITAN MAST, 6 yrs OWNER SUR - EVALUATE, NO HOLD Reason INAD FACIL Intake condition NONE Intake Date 06/29/2012, From NY 10455, DueOut Date 06/29/2012 Medical Behavior Evaluation No Initial Behavior Medical Summary SCAN NEG INTACT QARH PE- OLDER DOG MOD STAINING, TARTAR AMB X-4, CLEAN AND HEALTHY COAT NOSF NERVOUS AND TENSE, TOLERATED MOD HANDLING Weight 97.0 Original Thread: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=464465253566359&set=a.172404072772480.42595.152876678058553&type=3&theater Additional pic: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=467747973238087&set=a.464113110268240.112731.152876678058553&type=3&theater DO NOT call and say you are adopting unless you truly intend on physically going to the shelter to adopt the dog. It ties up phones lines and is a waste of the staff's time to explain the adoption procedure over the phone for someone who is purposely not going to show up. They need every free second of their time to answer calls, assist actual adopters, process intakes, and care for the animals. More importantly, they will note the dog’s file that an adopter is en route which will prevent an actual adopter from saving the dog. This is considered a "fake adoption" hold and that is how dogs fall through the cracks and end up being killed. For more information on adopting, please visit our website: urgentdeathrowdogs.org and click on “How You Can Help.” There are also helpful links with information on each main album description. For more information, please call (212) 788-4000. Also email adoption@nycacc.org but ONLY if serious about adopting and ONLY if you are able to GO TO the shelter in-person. Please do not email for status updates... the only thing you will accomplish is spamming their in boxes and causing REAL adopter emails to go un-noticed.

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