April 11, 2013

How to make a natural and safe deterrant spray for dogs and other animals:

  • Take a bottle of pure Citronella essential oil http://www.youngliving.com/essential-oils/Citronella. This is a product made from Lemongrass that, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency  "has been used for over 50 years as an insect repellent and as an animal repellent".  It has low toxicity and is also used in anti-barking spray collars.
  • Start with a glass 4 oz spray bottle http://www.abundanthealth4u.com/Glass_Containers_s/22.htm filled with water, then add 5-10 drops of Citronella essential oil.  More drops can be added if a stronger formula is needed.  Shake & spray the formula daily on and around the areas where you don't want the dog to go. Do this for at least a week.  
  • Use the citronella mix as a  repellent for other dogs when you are out walking your pet. If another dog shows aggression, a squirt from the spray bottle aimed at any part of the dog is likely to repel it, but for some this can aggitate an already aggressie dog, so use with caution. Try to avoid the dog's face unless the situation is serious, as it may sting the eyes.
Other essential oils that may act as a deterrant are Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Citrus oils.  CAUTION: Cats cannot break down citrus oils, so they should be avoided with cats.  Peppermint deters mice & ants.

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