January 15, 2014

PETITION: Federal Definition of Bestiality as Obscene and Federal Crime

I don't usually get involved with petitions and when I do I don't tend to post or forward them unless I feel really passionate about them.  This is one of those cases.  I am appalled that bestiality is completely legal in 19 states in the US!  Since animals cannot speak for themselves, they obviously cannot report the crime. This absolutely disgusts me!  How can rape of a human being be understandably illegal and punishable by law, while the same forcible act upon animals is not.

Let's not forget the connection between abusing animals and abusing people as well as serial killers starting out abusing and mutilating animals.  That makes every person who rapes a helpless animal a human predator as well!  

Please don't turn a blind eye to this just because it doesn't somehow directly effect you in this moment because it could have more of an impact on you then you realize.  It takes a matter of seconds to hit Sign!

What if someone did this to YOUR dog???  Keep your entire family safe Sign the petition!

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