November 2, 2015

Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

It's Animal Shelter Appreciation Week ALL week long, so be sure to show your appreciation for all our staff does by posting your comments here, sending a note of thanks, making a donation, volunteering or adopting from your local shelter (hopefully it's the Humane Society of Port Jervis)! It is difficult to fully understand all that our staff does on a daily basis because so much of the work is "behind the scenes" and outside of the public eye. It is not always posted online or mentioned in conversation (although it should be). Our employees are the most dedicated, hard-working group of individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They don't stop moving from the moment they arrive at the shelter until the end of their shift and many go above and beyond by volunteering their time on their days off, after hours and on holidays and/or purchasing much needed items out of their own pockets. Each and every employee treats the shelter animals as if they were their own. Working at an animal shelter is one of the toughest jobs both physically demanding and emotionally draining. They must work outside in the frigid cold of winter and the blistering heat of summer. Our staff have regular interactions with heartbroken pet owners who have lost their beloved companion and those that can no longer care for them, whatever the reason. On the other end, they deal with people who have neglected their animal for years or who simply discard their pet like a piece of garbage, all the while maintaining a professional demeanor. If you have adopted an animal from us, please send us a picture and update. One of the best parts of this work is getting to see our animals thriving in their forever home! Some items you might not think about donating, but are much needed especially with winter right around the corner are insulated & waterproof gloves & boots, hand lotion, hand soap & hand sanitizer, rubber gloves, YakTrax (try walking an 80 lb dog on a sheet of ice), pet-friendly ice melt, and anything else you can think of to make their days a little easier. Many thanks, Dee Broton, Board President @PJ_Humane fb/PJHumaneSociety

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