April 21, 2009

FDA Investigating NUTRO

According to Consumer Report yesterday, the FDA is investigating NUTRO Pet Food Company for sudden illnesses and death AGAIN associated with feeding dogs & cats NUTRO brand pet food. What is it going to take to change the manufacturing process of the food we feed our fur kids? Pet food consumers need to take a stand and stop buying these processed foods. Just like anything else that is mass produced...errors occur...but these errors are causing suffering and even death. What's Really in Pet Food is a very descriptive article which really puts the spotlight on commercial pet food companies. I highly recommend taking the time to read through this long article. Please consider switching your pets to a high-quality pet food. There are many grain-free dry & canned foods on the market that are free of wheat, wheat gluten and corn, all of which are allergens for dogs & cats. As true carnivores, they should not consume these troublesome grains. If you are really adventurous...I challenge you to switch to a raw diet. This is by far the most natural, healthy diet for your dogs & cats. You will see an amazing difference, especially in those pets with allergies, ear infections, dry skin, hair loss, hyperactivity, auto-immune disorders, etc. People feed their dogs the same food day in and day out. How would you like to eat hamburger helper for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day....blah! Dogs are descendants of wolves and therefore should not be eating cereal, but fresh, raw meat, raw bones & some fresh veggies (stay away from onions, grapes & raisins). We have been feed our dogs raw foods for over 7 years and I can't say enough good things about it. It can get expensive so you may need to get a little creative, but I'd rather spend the money on good quality food and prevent illness & disease rather than pay more money later to cure illness (if there is a cure).

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