May 18, 2009

Dogs with Allergies

I just don't understand how there can be two totally different schools of thought when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our beloved companion animals. I just came across this article on CNN about what to do to alleviate allergy suffering in pets. No where in the article does it mention the quality of nutrition. It talks about ruling out ingredients, but nothing about how corn, wheat and other grains can cause major allergy symptoms in dogs and cats due to the fact that they are carnivores. The vet blatantly says allergies can not be cured! What! Are you kidding me? If you build up your immune system or that of your pets you can absolutely overcome allergies...I've done it myself. I used to be highly allergic to cats and certain dogs. I sought out a herbalist, did some detoxing with herbs, began eating the right foods, stopped eating animal protein and wah lah! My cats sleep right next to me every night and no more allergies. The same can be done for your dog (or cat). There are many high-quality grain-free dog & cat foods on the market which are definitely a step in the right direction, however still not as good as feeding a raw diet. I will post about raw feeding separately as I believe it deserves it's own title.

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