May 21, 2009

Pit Bulls Under Attack in UK

This article is a great example that BSL (breed-specific legistlation) is not a cure-all, nor does it present a solution. BBC News wrote It's As Good As Having a Knife. It clearly states how many "illegal" dogs are confiscated each year and the numbers continue to go up from year to year. They even interview someone who admits to beating his dog to make him aggressive and causing him to be dangerous to whom ever he chooses. Why is it so hard to inflict harsher punishments on people in possession of fighting dogs, gang members & drug dealers? There is almost always illegal gambling, guns & drugs present during a dog fight. So why the delay in creating more task forces to get inside these organized events and really buckle down on all people involved? The authorities made an example out of Michael Vick, but all others involved were pleaded down, so where is the justice? What is going to stop those people from partaking in such activities again? And if they think Vick is reformed after spending a little time in jail...well that's a joke. He probably made more contacts in prison in the dog-fighting arena. The fear of certain breeds evoked by the media has made it a very difficult job for shelter & rescue personnel to find homes for these breeds, people can't get homeowner's insurance and dogs are dying at increasing rates in shelters because there is simply not enough room for the dogs thrown away by their owners like a piece of garbage.

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