May 26, 2009

Too Many Vaccines!

I was just reading a flier of a pet store sponsoring a low-cost vaccine clinic as a way to help out pet parents facing economic hardships. It of course is a really nice thought, however if there is anything that pet parents can cut back on during these uncertain times is vaccines. The vet is offering up to 5 vaccines at one time which is a total over load on the immune system. Out of all these vaccines, the only one required by the state of New Jersey is rabies. People are spending tons of money on good quality pet food which I applaud, yet they are pumping their pets with poisons and paying good money for it! There are many studies that have proven cancerous tumors develop at the injection site especially in cats. It is absolutely unnecessary to vaccinate your dog or cat every year. My dogs are vaccinated when they are puppies with a one-year booster shot for distemper, parvo & lepto and a three-year rabies as required by law. Since most of my dogs come to me as adults...they are given their rabies vaccine if their history is unknown and that's all folks. Titers can be used to test the antibodies to certain diseases existing in the dogs. This is good enough for many educated dog trainers, boarding facilities, doggie daycares, etc. From a training can be difficult to properly socialize your young pup or adult dog if your local dog park, doggie daycare and training facility require annual vaccines. Then you have to ask yourself which is unsocial dog or one who's life is cut short due to vaccine-related illness. Will the undersocialized dog grow up to become aggressive and ultimately be surrendered to a shelter and/or euthanized? I don't know the answer to this. My suggestion is to find a really good holistic vet who is well-adverse in vaccines and the harm that can come from them. They will be able to guide you in the right direction. A great resource for vaccine related topics is Truth About Vaccines & Truth About Vaccines Yahoo Group. The yahoo group is a great place to ask questions and gain knowledge from others experiences.

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  1. Hi, My vet said that since I run agility with my dogs that I should get their vaccines every year. Is this true?
    I love your Blog!


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