March 14, 2010

Rainy Days

Rainy days are no fun when you have an exuberant puppy in the house, so I have to get creative so I can get a few minutes of peace & quiet. This morning started with a game of frisbee in the pouring rain to get rid of some of the energy...which really didn't even put a dent in his energy level. The garage becomes my training area and forces me to do some trick training. Then I get out the raw meaty bones to break up the boredom. Later in the day our hallway becomes the fetch & retrieve track. Can't wait to see the sun!!!

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Dog Training Philosophy

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I train dogs using positive reinforcement training to modify unwanted behaviors.  I step outside the traditional training box and use therapeutic-grade essential oils to assist in my behavior modification regime when it comes to dogs plagued with fear and anxiety as well as aggression.  My philosophy is to heal the dog's mind, body and spirit, not just to rid the dog of unacceptable behaviors.  I specialize in shelter dog rehab, reactive rover, and fearful fidos.