March 22, 2010

Why You Shouldn't Buy Products Tested on Animals...

Have you ever considered the pain and suffering the products you use on a daily basis cause to helpless animals?
I used to think that laboratories only used mice & monkeys to test their products on...but I was mistaken. Dogs are stolen from their front yards and picked up along road sides not to mention those from county pounds that are purchased for $10-$25 by class B dealers and sent to the lab for all kinds of nasty testing. Recently there was an article on that brought attention to missing family dogs that were found in a university lab in South America. Years ago I read how Tufts University Veterinary School broke the legs of live and conscious dogs to learn how to reset a fresh break only to later euthanize the dogs. Can you imagine inflicting that kind of pain on a voiceless animal intentionally? I can't! I don't see any difference between that torture and the torture caused by serial killers to their animal victims. I understand there is a need for medical research...but it doesn't have to be done to those who can't speak for themselves, those that can't say "no", those who were once a beloved pet and are now nothing more than a test subject with a number. I refuse to buy any products (makeup, shampoo, lotion, medication, cleaning products, etc. that are tested on animals. Young Living Essential Oils tests their products on people...human beings who have a voice and consent to the test they undergo. More companies should be so honorable & conscientious.
Be sure to check out your dog & cat food manufacturers as well...there are some pretty scary undercover videos taken inside the Iams laboratory.

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