May 15, 2011

Natural Flea & Tick Protection

Are you sick of using chemicals on your pet to keep those pesky insects away?

There is an alternative! Therapeutic-grade essential oils are a safe & effective way to keep fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, ants, and many other insects away from your pet, your family, and even your home & garden.

Poisons on Pets is an 84 page document from the NRDC about the potential hazards of commercial flea & tick products. Anyone who plans to use these products should definitely read this report first.

Young Living Essential Oils offers many essential oils that have insect repellent properties. I create my own formula that works well for my dogs. I start with Purification, a blend that has Citronella in it. Then I add Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemongrass.
Eucalyptus-Globulus and Geranium are other oils that compliment this blend or can be used in place of.

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Dog Training Philosophy

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I train dogs using positive reinforcement training to modify unwanted behaviors.  I step outside the traditional training box and use therapeutic-grade essential oils to assist in my behavior modification regime when it comes to dogs plagued with fear and anxiety as well as aggression.  My philosophy is to heal the dog's mind, body and spirit, not just to rid the dog of unacceptable behaviors.  I specialize in shelter dog rehab, reactive rover, and fearful fidos.