June 7, 2011

In Memory of Boss

On Saturday we made the very difficult decision to have our beautiful Boss put to sleep. He was almost 10 years old and at 200lbs was feeling his age. He had been slowing down over the past few months. Last Tuesday he could no longer put weight on one of his rear legs making standing up and walking very difficult, but he still manage to get in and out of the house. As of Thursday morning he could not even get up. We gave him a few days to see if he would rally, but no luck. The vet came to our house on Saturday and assisted him on his journey.

For those of you who have had the good fortune to have been slobbered on by Boss, you know he was the sweetest, most gentle giant one could meet. He has touched so many lives from his early days as a pet supply store mascot to his days as mayor of our street. This was even more evident when people began coming to say their goodbyes to Boss. We rescued Boss about 2 1/2 years ago not intending on keeping him...hahaha! His owner had a stroke and was moved to a nursing home. He was this man's entire world. Boss was lost without his life-long companion and needed a place to go fast, so we offered him a temporary home while we searched for his forever home. Little did we know Boss had made other plans. We took him to one prospective adopter and he high-tailed it right back to the gate we came through and would not budge. He couldn't get back in the car fast enough. Boss had chosen us. When he first came to us people would call and say..."we hear you got a pony...can we come see him?" And the people came, and came back again. Everyone loved Boss! Boss has been a demo dog for me during presentations, but has taught me way more about life with big dogs then I ever thought I'd need to know. He is the only dog I've ever seen Lola back down from & he recently started playing with Tucker...who knew an old dog had moves like that!

I think how lucky we were that Boss chose us to spend his last years with. I am comforted by knowing that he is now whole again and running with those who have passed before him in the green fields above.

Run Free Big Man!

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