May 9, 2009

68 Animal Deaths Result in Probation!!!

Probation!?! I am appalled by this article. A man and his wife abandon 68 animals including dogs, cats, turtles & maybe ferrets, leaving them to die in their cages and they only get probation. This is so disturbing to me. What kind of people would do this? The authorities state that there were kittens wrapped up in the freezer as well. Can you say SICK? I guess the judge isn't aware of the correlation of animal abuse and abuse inflicted on other people or how almost all serial killers started with animals. The reason the man gave...he became overwhelmed when his kids were born and they decided to move out of the house, but don't worry...most of the animals were already dead by the time they moved out. WHAT!!! So they were living in the house with their kids and the animals were already dead and decomposing! Hello...child services... To read the whole article (if you can stomach it) here's the link...

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