May 15, 2009

Death by Gas Chamber

Have you ever thought about what happens to the dogs and cats that don't get adopted from animal shelters? Across the United States, there are only 12 states that currently ban the gas chamber as a means of euthanizing shelter animals. It is estimated that 9.6 million dogs & cats are euthanized every year. Imagine the number of animals in the remaining 37 states that die in small gas chambers. You may think that these animals just "go to sleep". That is true after spending as long as 30 minutes in a box while slowly losing the ability to breathe. Shelter workers have witnessed dogs trying to claw there way out, howling, whinning, crying and sometimes turning on each other to try to save themselves. All too often a mother dog is put into the chamber with her infant puppies. The gas chamber was outlawed in U.S. prisons in 1994, so why is it still legal to subject animals to this cruel form of death. Check out USA Today to see what states will be next to end this torture.
If you are looking for a purebred or mixed breed puppy, please consider your local shelter or one in the southern states which will more than likely transport the puppy to you. There are so many sweet puppies & super friendly dogs dying every day because there is not enough room. Please check out Petfinder and type in a southern state like GA, TN, NC, SC, AL, OH to check out the puppies on "death row". These animal pounds typically have a "euthanasia day" each week and you can check out the most urgent pups. Just be sure the dogs come with health certificates since there are many fatal diseases prevalent in the south such as parvo, distemper & heartworm.

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